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Evolve Functional Fitness offers you a state of the art facility with amenities and an environment unmatched by any other.

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Functional Fitness

A healthier family, happy family

Youth Fitness

Enhance social and personal development

Swim School

Swim lessons for all ages

Mission Statement

Evolve is the most modern and innovative functional fitness facility in Nassau, Bahamas, whose mission is to provide a positive, fun, and educational experience for its members and students whilst helping them develop a lifelong love for fitness.

At Evolve we design programs that train your body to perform everyday activities with ease regardless of age and ability. Our functional fitness programs will assist with improved balance, increased agility, and reduced risks of falls or injury, therefore leading to a better quality of life.

Swim School

Swimming at Evolve

Swimming with your baby can deepen your emotional bond with him or her, since the water resistance stimulates tactile receptors. Additionally, touch for a baby provides him or her with emotional nourishment and a feeling of connection.

In a study by Dr. Liselott Diem and colleagues, children who participated in baby swim classes from 2 months to 4 years had more self confidence and independence than children who did not attend swim lessons.

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    Class schedules

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    5:30 amMasters SwimMasters SwimMasters Swim
    5:45 amWake Up ZumbaWake Up ZumbaLearn to swim level 2
    6:30 amLearn to swim level 2Aquatic FitnessLearn to swim level 2 + Water Aerobics
    6:45 amLearn to swim level 1
    7:00 amLearn to swim level 1Learn to swim level 1Aquatic Fitness
    7:30 amLearn to swim levels 1 & 2Learn to swim levels 1 & 2
    8:30 am
    9:00 amYoga with RileyYoga with Riley
    6:00 pmYOGA WITH RILEY
    (studio 2)
    (studio 2)
    6:15 pmLearn to swim level 3Learn to swim level 3
    6:30 pmSTEP AEROBICSAquatic Fitness

    Learn to swim level 2
    Learn to swim level 2
    7:00 pmAquatic Fitness
    7:15pmLearn to swim level 1Learn to swim level 1
    8:00 amAdvanced learn to swim + levels 1 & 2
    8:30 amBODY THERAPY

    Membership Options

    Class Membership

    $157.00 / 1 Month

    4 classes a week
    (16 classes for the month)

    $437.00 / 3 Months
    Vat Inclusive

    4 sessions a week

    $1,727.00 / 1 Year
    Vat Inclusive

    4 sessions a week

    Can use the classes in any studio or pool

    Open Pool

    $120.00 / 1 Month
    $335.00 / 3 Months
    $1,320.00 / 1 Year

    Open Gym

    $110.00 / 1 Month
    $307.00 / 3 Months
    $1,210 / 1 Year

    Open Gym / Open
    Pool Combo

    $130.00 / 1 Month
    $363.00 / 3 Months
    $1,430.00 / 1 Year

    These memberships do not include classes

    Unlimited Membership

    $196.00 / 1 Month

    Unlimited access to the facility and classes

    $532.00 / 3 Months
    Vat Inclusive

    $2,156.00 / 1 Year
    Vat Inclusive

    Class Packs

    $22 / 1 Class
    $85 / 5 Classes
    $110 / 10 Classes
    Vat Inclusive

    Students, Senior Citizens, Nurses, Police Officers, Defense Force, CGAtlantic clients receive 10% off membership tier of choice.

    Upcoming events

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    Welcome to Evolve Swim School First Annual Masters FUN-Vitational Swim Meet for all Level Swimmers. We invite ages 18 years and older in any Learn to Swim or Masters swim [...]

    Free swim lesson at Evolve! The World's Largest Swimming Lesson™ is a promotional event designed to build awareness and generate local and national attention about the vital importance of teaching [...]

    We are so EXCITED that MOVE is back!!!!!! This FREE community workout is ALL about the movement, laughter, dance and song. Limited spots!!! Each month a new instructor puts you [...]

    About Us

    Tangerine’s passion for education and community coupled with her enthusiasm for fitness overflows into Evolve, a functional fitness center created to promote a holistic and healthy, positive and productive lifestyle.

    Following a fourteen year career in education as an Elementary School teacher, and later, two children of her own, Tangerine took the bold step to a life change and decided to join a local gym and shift her focus to fitness. Over the course of the next four years Tangerine saw the benefits of completely changing her body, health and lifestyle, and discovered a passion for fitness and well being. This was the fuel Tangerine needed to steer her through the next stage of her life, and with that came the birth of Evolve.