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Morning Fitness for your child

Your child can score better on tests and improve problem solving skills with a boost to his or her morning – with exercise! Fourteen studies, ranging in participants from 50 children to 10,000, ages 6-18, showed that the more physically active children are, the better they perform academically. Math and reading scores showed significant improvement […]

Babies Learning to Swim is Smart

Swimming delivers advantages for all ages, and especially in babies. As shown in a study with over 7,000 babies and young children in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, preschoolers who participate in swimming lessons early in life perform very well intellectually later, as they enter school. The study conducted by Griffith University in […]

Pool Safety Essentials

Swimming is an almost perfect exercise. For all ages, it is invigorating and relaxing at the same time, while building muscle, increasing cardiovascular capacity and managing weight. When swimming with children, pool safety must be of the utmost importance. Rules are usually posted at public pools, and parents must instruct children about them every time […]

Why Work Out as a Family?

With childhood obesity on the rise, and people living much more sedentary lifestyles, family exercise has taken a backseat to the attractions of handheld electronics, television programs, and the computer. The aforementioned attractions also involve much more individualistic pursuits, rather than doing activities together as a family. What better way to break the unhealthy lifestyle […]