Living on an island it is essential that everyone, no matter what age, have an understanding of safety in and around water. Evolve provides a unique opportunity for all age groups to participate in structured swim programs that advance each person at any level. Evolve Functional Fitness has a heated 25 meter pool, with an additional learn to swim area, which will help provide a custom made teaching environment ideal for swim instruction.

Evolve Functional Fitness offers a wide range of pool use for the community, from a large lap pool where all ages can learn to swim, and children and adults compete, to water safety programs and field trips for schools.

Evolve Swim School develops strong, confident swimmers with careful instruction and repetition. Swimming also incorporates functional fitness to increase agility, balance, and strengthen muscles, with little stress on joints. Swimming is a smart choice to manage stress and weight. It improves sleep patterns, cardiovascular health, muscle tone and flexibility.

We work hard to ensure all our swimmers become comfortable in the water and have fun developing a foundation of water skills at any age.

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Baby and Me

Our Baby and Me program for ages 6 months – 2.5 years old, is a structured in water interaction between parent/caregiver and the child. We stress the importance of play in a developing water positive attitude and skills. Water safety awareness is most important as soon as the babies are near water.

Ages 6 months to
12 months

  • Enter water safely with baby
  • Readiness for submersion
  • Hold baby on front, eye contact
  • Hold back on back (head and back support)
  • Front float ( face out) assisted
  • Back Float -assisted
  • Arm: slashing, reaching, paddling, on front and back
  • Legs: kicking, splashing on front and back
  • Water Smart Messages

Ages 12 months to
24 months

  • Enter from side position – assisted
  • Exit the water – assisted
  • Blow bubbles on and in water
  • Face wet and in water
  • Enter from sitting position
  • Front float – face in – assisted
  • Back float – assisted
  • Kicking on front and back – assisted
  • Surface pass
  • Water Smart Messages

Ages 2 years to
3 Year olds

  • Jump Entry – assisted
  • Entry and submerge from sitting position – assisted
  • Exit the water – unassisted
  • Hold breath underwater- assisted
  • Attempt to open eyes underwater
  • Attempt to recover objects from bottom

  • Standing jump entry, return to edge – assisted
  • Front and back STARFISH floats
  • Front and back PENCIL floats
  • Kicking on front and back – assisted
  • Underwater passes
  • Water Smart Messages


Skills taught

  • Enter and exit Shallow water
  • Jump into water
  • Hold breath underwater
  • Open eyes underwater
  • Float on front and back (min of 5 seconds)
  • Roll front to back and back to front
  • Submerge and exhale 5 times
  • Glide on front and side
  • Flutter kick on front and back
  • Front crawl
  • Water smart messages

Skills taught

  • Jump into deep water, return and exit
  • Tread water
  • Recover objects from the bottom of the pool
  • Flutter kick on front, back and side
  • Whip kick vertical position
  • Front crawl and back crawl
  • Interval training
  • Water Smart Messaging

Tangerine Swimming

Skills taught

  • Kneel dive into deep water
  • Forward roll entry into deep water
  • Tread water
  • Handstand in shallow water
  • Jump into deep water and tread 30 sec, then swim
  • Flutter kick on back, reverse and flutter kick on front
  • Whip kick on back
  • Front crawl and back crawl
  • Interval training
  • Water Smart Messages

Skills taught

  • Stand diving into deep
  • Tread water for 1 minute
  • Swim underwater
  • Whip kick on front (15m)
  • Breastroke arm drills
  • Front crawl and back crawl 25 meters
  • Interval Training
  • 25m front crawl sprints
  • Water Smart Messages

Skills taught

  • Shallow dive into deep water
  • Tuck Jump
  • Jump entry into deep and tread 2 mins
  • Stationary eggbeater kick for 30 seconds
  • Roll entry into deep and tread 90 seconds and swim 75 meters
  • Breaststroke 25 meters
  • Front crawl and back crawl for 50 meters
  • Head up front crawl
  • Interval training
  • @5 meter sprints in front crawl and back crawl
  • Water Smart Messages

Tangerine Swimming

Skills taught

  • Stride entry into deep water
  • Compact jump into deep water
  • Swim underwater 10 meters to recover an object
  • Eggbeater Kick on back (15 meters)
  • Scissor kick (15 meters)
  • Front Crawl and back crawl (100 meters)
  • Head up swim (25 meters)
  • Sprint Breaststroke (25 meters)
  • Workout (300 meters)
  • Water Smart Messages


Evolve Masters Program is for ages 18 and older who would like to improve their overall physical fitness in the water. Masters Swimming provides a structured approach to improve physical fitness based on training principles and practice. The Masters group pushes and encourages each other to get better each class.

We work on skills through:

  • Distance Training
  • Drill Sets
  • Resistance bands and equipment
    Speed Drills
  • And more……..

Evolve Swim School
Community Outreach Program

We provide opportunities for children in our outreach program for children to learn to swim. By partnering with sponsors, we help to support swimming lessons, and educate children and their families on the importance of learning how to swim.

Learn to Swim Grants are intended to expand existing programming and support opportunities for children who otherwise would not participate in swimming lessons for the purpose of acquiring the life saving skill of swimming. Awarded funds may be used by the swim lesson program to offer free or reduced-cost swimming lessons.